STEM Inquiry - Challenging, real-world tasks aligned to the Australian Curriculum

Wonder of Science challenge tasks immerse students in authentic and collaborative inquiry. Students develop critical and creative thinking skills as they are challenged to develop a group response to a real-world problem or scenario. Representative teams are chosen to attend regional student conferences to present their response and showcase their work. 


Young Science Ambassadors - Bringing STEM to life

Selected PhD researchers from leading Queensland universities visit participating schools to work with students on their challenge tasks, and support them to develop a group presentation. The ambassadors are inspiring role models for both students and teachers. The ambassadors support implementation of Wonder of Science, and judge presentations at the student conferences. 


Student Conferences - Aspirational regional and state student showcases

Representative teams from participating schools are invited to present their challenge task response and compete against other schools at a one-day regional student conference. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in ‘Speed-meet-the-Scientist’ activities and workshops. 


Strategic Partnerships - Linking schools, universities, industry groups, non-profit organisations & government agencies

Wonder of Science fosters partnerships between schools and the wider community through our partner organisations. Our university partners host student conferences and provide students for the Young Science Ambassador program. Industry partners attend student conferences to provide workshops and judge student presentations. 


Read about the program and evaluation findings in the 2018 Annual Report here.