Challenge Tasks

Tasks to immerse students in years 5-9 in challenging inquiry-based science investigations - fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Science. 

Ask a Scientist

Our Wonder of Science Resident Scientists answer all your students' science questions.


Helpful Resources

Need some inspiration for your students? We've got you covered with some resources below. 

A clip to help teachers debunk 50 of the most common science misconceptions to students:


Information and Resources

Need a bit of kick start on the challenge projects? We've put together all the information you need to get started on each of the challenges. 

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Introducing the Critical Thinking Series

How values, biases and dodgy arguments mislead us. This week we posted the video Critical Thinking part 1: A valuable argument on

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Use TED-Ed to spark your students' curiosity

TED-Ed is another great, free online resource for teachers. The beautifully illustrated educational videos are sure to spark your students’ curiosity. TED Talks are already famous for powerfully conveying ideas that aim to help us make better decisions about the world we live in, and now...