Year 5

What is the best beak shape?

What planets other than Earth might sustain life?!.aspx

Slime is slippery and sticky, but why is it often also described as ‘sensational’?

Scientific method and slime! An investigation of Non-Newtonian fluids.
Ew, slime!
Making cornflour slime
Make your own slime investigation project
Why do objects appear larger or closer under water?

Year 6

What is the best seed shape?

Exploring germination:

How do seismologists measure earthquakes?

Listen to earthquakes:

Can duckweed be used to determine water quality?

Year 7

What launch angle gives the longest horizontal distance?
Forces of motion: rockets

What is an eclipse?

Magical mixtures – helpful or harmful?

Year 8

How much energy is needed to ‘loop the loop’?

How do rocks help us to understand our planet and make viable decisions about its management?

Can water remain liquid below its normal freezing point and how might this be helpful in our everyday lives?

Year 9

Invisibility – fact or fiction?

How does the study of plate tectonics contribute to our understanding of global geological activity?

How can you demonstrate energy transfer as a result of chemical reactions – using products using products found in the home?