Hi! My name is Jonathan Klaric, and I’m a Wonder of Science Young Science Ambassador and the Ask-a-Scientist Resident Scientist!

As Resident Scientist, my job is to respond to your questions, and to either provide you with some answers, or to ask one of my more qualified scientist colleagues to help find the answers for you.

A bit about my background: I completed my undergraduate degrees in Science and Arts with majors in physics and mathematics. I completed my honours degree in applied mathematics and astrophysics, and I’m now a research student at the University of Queensland in Australia. I’m a lover of all things scientific and nerdy, from astronomy to zoology, mathematics to medicine, and everything in between!

Please feel free to ask me any and all of your science questions! Either submit your question below or email me direct at jon.klaric@gmail.com. Be sure to check out STUDENT SPACE first or SEARCH below to see if your question has already been answered! I look forward to hearing from YOU real soon!

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