Above: Students presenting their project at a regional student conference.

Above: Students presenting their project at a regional student conference.

The Wonder of Science program involves students undertaking a research project that forms part of their study of science. Young Science Ambassadors support students with their projects and promote the wonder and excitement of science. The program culminates with a student conference, where representative teams of students present their research and critically analyse the projects of their peers. Schools are invited to send one team per year class to a regional university-based student conference where they compete for prizes.

The Wonder of Science website provides information and updates on the program and student challenge tasks. There are also news stories, articles and galleries for use by students and teachers. The Sensational Science Stories are intended to ignite student interest and inquiry in science and technology and may be used to explore a range of diverse topics; ranging from the future of medicine to life in the depths of the ocean.

Program overview

The Wonder of Science program builds passion and enthusiasm for science and technology in Queensland’s young people. It is aimed at students in Years 5 to 9. Australia faces a future shortfall in engineers and scientists, so developing student enthusiasm for science and technology in students, schools, and their communities, is of the utmost importance, as it will provide opportunities for young people and generate greater numbers of science and engineering graduates in the future.

There is a particular focus on rural, remote and Indigenous students who would not ordinarily receive the same level of support as those in the south-east of the state. Wonder of Science believes that students from all parts of Queensland deserve to receive the same level of support in realising not only their potential, but also their dreams.

Program strategies

  • Alignment of the program with the Australian Curriculum.

  • Participation of students in science challenge projects that promote investigative inquiry-based science through teamwork and collaboration.

  • The presentation of student projects in a conference setting promotes excitement with a focus on investigation findings and validation of results.

  • A key platform to deliver the program is through enthusiastic young scientists and engineers (Young Science Ambassadors and Industry Ambassadors) who help to engage students and their teachers in the excitement and wonder of science and technology.

  • Teachers are central to the inspiration of future generations – the program includes a dedicated Teacher Site to support teachers with this endeavour.

  • The involvement of industry partners in the program helps to convey the importance and diversity of science and technology careers.

  • A key benefit for partners of the program is the potential for enhanced industry profile in communities and schools.

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